Soulful Goddess

Soulful Goddess

Release Energetic Blocks, Awaken to Your Attraction Powers. 

Soulful Goddess will guide you in releasing blocks and energetic resistance so you can connect more deeply to your soul’s work (receive abundantly for it), and step into more joy, freedom and prosperity.

 It’s time to let go of those old stories and beliefs that are no longer serving your life path, and connect back to your truth. 

You’re here for a reason. 

You get to create a soul aligned life. 

To create the positive influence you desire to make. 

To unleash your unique Goddess energy & discover your full attraction powers as you harness your Divine Feminine Magic. 

The time is now. 

Step up and claim it Goddess! 

Starseeds and Lightworkers have this knowing from a young age that their soul chose to be here on planet earth.

That they’re meant to raise the vibration of the planet. 
To spread healing love and light. 
You may not have always known what this would look like, or how it would happen, but you just knew it was somehow your destiny.

You may have also felt like you just didn’t belong or fit in. 
That you were different in some way.

The truth is, you’re different. 
In the very best of ways 

You’re a unique expression of the Divine, and the universe wants to be expressed and experienced through YOU!

How special is that.

And the reason you felt like you didn’t belong is because you’re meant to bring about a new way of doing things.
Seeing things. 
Living in this world.

So don’t lose your spark or dim your light. 
Stay true to who you are! 
We need you Goddess.

Let me also remind you that your soul is not only here to create a positive impact in the world (and your energy and life expression alone will do this) you’re also here to ENJOY the journey.

To open up and receive all the abundance this universe wants to flow to you.


A large part of my soul work is guiding lightworkers and Starseeds to activate their soul gifts, and receive abundantly as they share them with the world. 

To guide women in remembering who they are on a soul level.

Their power.

Their attraction abilities.

To remember their Divine feminine magic! 

To help you expand into more joy and abundance than you thought was possible (but always knew in your heart you were meant to experience). 

I know what it’s like to not fit in. 

To feel that I somehow just don’t belong. 

To question what I’m meant to do here on planet earth, yet have a deep knowing in my soul that I absolutely am meant to be here at this time. 

I also know how everything positively shifts when we connect with our soul family, activate our soul gifts, and more deeply ground into our life purpose.

All the while being open to the joyful experiences that unfold when we play with the universe and co-create with the Divine.

Soulful Goddess is 10 day transformational journey that will help you clear the blocks, the energetic resistance, and begin living the life your soul came here to experience, and creating the positive difference you know you’re meant to make in the world. 

Now is the time to confidently step up and share your gifts, because we need them in the world.

Now is the time to elevate your manifesting so you begin living your best life. 



10 day transformational journey to help you awaken your attraction powers. 

This course includes a combination of EFT/Tapping, Akashic Journey’s, Meditations, and Trainings + special BONUS CONTENT

 This is a digital course you receive immediate access to upon signing up. 

You will have life long access to all content so can work through it at your own pace. 

Who is this for?

  • The woman ready to rise above the overwhelm and confusion and connect back to her soul’s truth ~ receiving clarity 
  • The woman ready to activate her soul’s gifts and share them with the world 
  • The woman ready to discover the power of co-creating with her Higher Self & Cosmic Team 
  • The woman ready to deepen her connection with her feminine power and unique Goddess expression 
  • The woman ready for an energetic reset. Releasing resistance and “blocks” and raising her vibration to the frequency of joy & abundance 

Sacred Exchange: $97

Get instant access to 10 modules + bonus content that will guide you in releasing energetic blocks, and awakening your full attraction powers! 

VIP Option

As a VIP you not only receive all course content, but you get a private 1:1 session. 

In this session you will receive personalized EFT/Tapping in the space of the Akashic Records. 

This is tailored to meet your individual needs of what you desire to clear and activate. 

The clearings and activations are channeled while in the space of your Akashic Records so they’re exactly what you need to transcend the old energetic patterns that hold you back and step into a new paradigm. 

Sacred Exchange: $197

Meet Your Guide

Master Astrologer, Akashic Records Guide, Goddess Mentor, Visionary Light Worker. 

Kara Melendy is passionate about helping you connect to your unique soul blueprint and harness that energy to create a life that lights up your soul! 

She guides empaths, visionaries, and spiritual entrepreneurs to claim their birthright to wealth, freedom, and prosperity (in all of its beautiful forms). 

She has guided hundreds of women in Akashic Journey’s & mentoring sessions to awaken their  unique Goddess power and discover the magic of co-creating with their Higher Self & Cosmic Team. 

It’s time to unleash your full attraction power, and feel the support of the universe each step of the way. 

I look forward to working more closely with you 🙏

Sending lots of love 💞