Astrological Readings

Astrological Readings

Discover Your Soul Blueprint

You came into this life with specific lessons to learn, patterns to release, and innate gifts and strengths to help guide you. 

It’s time to tap into this wisdom so you can awaken your Goddess Power

You are here for a reason, a purpose, and have a unique set of gifts and talents to help you on this life journey. If you can harness this energy you can use it to manifest magic in your life and business


When people think of astrology their mind often wanders to those silly/ fun write-ups in the paper. These only capture (in a very minimized way) your Sun Sign. This is only part of the picture.

In addition to your Sun Sign you have a Moon Sign, Ascendant Sign, and planets in the different Signs and Houses of the zodiac. 

It is like a cast of characters in a play and each have their own special role.


Having an Astrology reading will reveal your unique cast of characters and how you can work with them to co-create magic in your life

You’ll discover how to align with Divine timing to manifest your goals with ease.

True co-creation heart 

How can an Astrological Reading support my soul expansion and journey?

  • Uncover your attraction superpower
  • Discover how to use your unique set of skills to attract financial abundance
  • Manifest with greater ease and flow by working with the energies surrounding you 
  • Release blocks holding you back from embracing your inner Goddess 
  • Discover your natural strengths and talents and how to use this to manifest magic
  • Gain a deeper understanding of life lessons you are here to learn 
  • Take a look at your Karma and how to learn these life lessons 
  • A deeper understanding of life challenges and lessons and how they’re apart of your souls growth and evolution
  • Feeling empowered and more confident in your unique skills and abilities 

Included in Your Reading

~ Detailed exploration of your Birth Chart and how to harness this energy to manifest your soul aligned goals

~ A look at what is currently happening in the cosmos and how it is affecting your unique Birth Chart

~ A look at your unique intuitive gifts, natural strengths and talents, areas of growth and expansion

~ Exploration of the planets that are located in the different Houses of your chart and the sign that they are in. It will also be a detailed explanation of how this influences different aspects of your personality and your way of connecting in relationships, and interacting with the world around you. 

~ A look at your North and South Node to see the unique gifts you came into the world with, patterns and habits to release, and strengths to develop in this lifetime.  

~ A look at Chiron, the wounded healer, revealing your greatest capacity for expansion and life lessons

We can also take a closer look at any area you desire. Common themes are relationships, career, finances, health. 

After years of confusion trying to figure out my birth chart on my own, finally the Universe sent me an Angel!

  Kara not only gave me clarity beyond measure in my report but she took the time to explain everything in ways I could better understand. She also carved out time to answer any questions I had afterwards. If you haven't had a reading I highly recommend it!

Amy Elizabeth

Even though I've always been skeptical when it comes to horoscopes and zodiac signs, I asked Kara to do an Astrology Reading.

She blew me away with how spot on she was!

I really enjoyed my reading and learned a lot of interesting things

I highly recommend getting a reading with Kara. She is so sweet, nice and down to earth.

Thanks for my Astrology reading Kara, I loved it!
Ann Johannesen

Get ready for a deep dive into your soul.

In your Astrological Reading I’ll explore past lifetimes, future possibilities, manifesting super powers, and provide guidance on how to harness this in your co-creative journey with the universe. 

Kara Looks at your natal chart as if she's looking into your soul!

While this is not the first time getting an Astrology reading, it is the first time that someone went into depth into the details.

Kara also gave natal charts to my husband and daughter and spent time with me on a video call explaining how we can grow together as a family.

Her validations are sincere and thoughtful and Kara's bright energy and desire to help others shines through. I highly recommend Kara and her work!
Ashley Ann

Kara is extremely intuitive, positive, and knowledgeable - and she explained my Birth Chart in a way that was gentle, yet activating.

She pointed out aspects and planetary placements I had never noticed before. She covered past life information, and also talked about what my soul wants to express this lifetime.

Now, I feel like I can give myself permission to move forward on things I've always felt in my heart, but was nervous to claim out loud. I feel so inspired! Along with the positives, Kara also discussed the shadow - the places where I can really make significant progress if I choose to face them with courage and creativity! We even looked at how some of the current astrological transits are impacting my personal chart. Lastly, I received a recording of the reading, so I can always refer back to it.

This is an amazing tool that I will look back on often. My reading with Kara was insightful and meaningful, and I am truly grateful for her gifts and that she chooses to share them with the world!

Jeri Tuck

Kara's astrology reading was one of the most eye opening investments I've made!

Having this reading done gave me a much better idea of not only who I am, but also gave me new perspectives on how I tend to view the world.

It was so spot on and accurate that I kept smiling the entire time! I feel much more aligned and validated in my life and business and it's something I now reference often.

It's such a fun and illuminating experience. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to know more about their sign and birth chart. It gave me such a greater understanding all around.

Sarah Steckler

Sacred Exchange: $177/Hr reading

Your session will be recorded so you can continue to look back on it and receive value.