Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Access the realm of infinite possibilities

Explore past lifetimes

Gain a deep understanding of your soul journey

Co-create magic with your Higher Self and Spirit team

The Akashic Records is an energetic library containing your unique soul blueprint. It is a collection of your past life experiences, and future possibilities and potential. 

When you enter this sacred space you’re tapping into the wisdom of collective consciousness. 

You can connect with your angels, guides, and ascended masters to receive healing, clarity, and guidance on next steps in your life. 

Seeking Divine Guidance?

If you want deeper clarity, the Records is the place to visit. This is tapping into universal intelligence. Whether this is in health, relationships, career or business, the Akashic Records holds wisdom of the Divine that is here to support you on your journey. 

If you’re seeking healing, clarity, and Divine Guidance, this will be of service to you.

Kara came into my life at the perfect time...we’d been friends on fb for about a year, and recently I had been looking for some guidance from the universe about the next steps with me and my twin flame, and had asked for someone to be thrown my way that could help. All of a sudden Kara kept popping up everywhere on my feed. So I took it as a sign to reach out! Never thought it would be an Akashic records and Astrology reading...but I am SO glad it was, especially with Kara performing it!

She was able to help me access information and clarity that I really struggled receiving from my Angels,. Kara helped me shift blocks and gave me such a huge reassurance that I wasn’t getting from card readings alone.

Kara isn’t afraid to say the messages she’s getting. I am so so grateful Kara, thank you SO MUCH for being that channel and helping me hear what the universe was so desperately trying to tell me.

You have such a comforting grace and elegance about you as you enter the Akashic Records and explain/share what’s happening with someone who’d NEVER heard of the records! To have been able to access that and feel/see what I saw was unreal.

I feel so blessed to have gone through that experience, and a month down the line everything is still proving true and the info we received in the reading is still helping as things grow and progress. Kara, you are incredible!!! Thank you!! Xoxo

Alice Heath

Some of the transformational experiences that happen in the Akashic Records...

  • Awakening of your intuitive powers
  • Physical and emotional healing (simply being in this space brings healing) 
  • Deeper insight into struggles you’re facing (this can be linked to a past life experience which can be explored and healed in the space of the Records) 
  • Clarity on decisions 
  • Instant manifestation  
  • Deep connection with your angels and guides
  •  Deeper understanding of your soul blueprint and life purpose

Meet Your Akashic Guide

Claim your birthright to wealth, freedom and abundance! 

In addition to being certified in the Akashic Records, Kara Melendy is an Astrologer and holds a Master’s in Psychology. 

One of her soul missions is guiding light workers, healers, and visionaries to connect with their unique soul blueprint and co-create magic with the universe. 

She is passionate about guiding light workers to master multidimensional manifestation and to receive abundantly for their soul’s work in the world. 

I look forward to exploring the Akash with you! 


Sacred Exchange: $177/hr 

Your session will be recorded so you can continue to look back on it and receive value