When I first found Kara I had no idea what the Akashic records were, let alone did I realize what a game changer they would be.

I joined Kara’s Goddess Sisterhood and immediately felt this amazing high vibe energy. From there I enrolled in her 6 week One-On-One intensive mentoring program. I was determined to finish off 2019 with a bang…and boy did I ever! I closed December being 20%  over in my business compared to where I was December 2018.  I began to understand what “infinitive possibilities” truly meant.

Between accessing my Akashic Records and learning about my birth chart, I now feel that I have a leg-up on truly manifesting my best life. I saw so much progress in just 6 weeks of working with Kara (both in my physical and spiritual world) that I enrolled in another 6 weeks of her program so I can be certain 2020 will be my best year yet!

I now open my Akashic records every day. It has become a part of my daily routine.

Megan Furstoss

What can I say about Kara Melendy that hasn’t already been said?

 Her authenticity and welcoming presence adds beauty to the space she holds for anyone seeking to shift and align their energy to the Soul within. 

My time with her recently has lead to such expansion personally and within my own healing space that I hold for clients.  

I’ve realized new expressions of freedom and flow in my daily life/work balance and am in the energy of blessed abundance. Time with Kara is like coffee with your best girlfriend that shared love and speaks power into those areas of your life you believed to be small and unworthy.

Raelin Saindon 

Kara helped me clear my blocks, get clear on my vision, and trust that my dream clients will come to me.

Since working with Kara I have tripled revenue in my business, attracted amazing clients, changed girls lives, and got clear on where my business should go
And that vision is bigger than I ever thought it would be.
Invest in yourself and your business. You will learn more about yourself and attract a life you love.

Stephanie LaBonte

I signed up to work 1:1 with Kara in her Goddess Mentoring Program. What incredible sessions!
Kara holds energy around your projects that can be felt.
I was able to launch a program that I’ve been wanting to birth for more than a year.
As a result of just 5 coaching sessions I was able to complete the development of my 5 week program, beta test it, and I was able to earn double the fee I paid her in just 1 week of launching my program.

I highly recommend working with Kara Melendy, you won’t be disappointed and you will only prosper toward your goals.

Robyn Mcclendon

Helped me shift both my career and personal life!

Working with Kara Melendy has been beyond rewarding in mind, body and spirit.

Kara is a master at channeling the perfect words to reprogram my buried beliefs. Her knowledge of Astrology is one of the most helpful and powerful tools I have found.

Kara holds powerful, sacred space for the highest level of transformation.

Working with Kara has helped me shift both my career and personal life to their highest potential.

Emily Harrison

1:1 Sessions with Kara elevated my journey of integrating my business into the online world.
Together shifting limiting beliefs and blocks through high vibe conversations.

She supports the journey with various modalities. Aligning through the vessel of infinite possibilities, manifesting my heart desires.
Kara holds space for you in an energetic field of light.
Empowered by our sessions I’m able to dive in and build a successful online business.

Natalie Parsons

I have blown through many blocks!
Don’t we all want to work with someone who intuitively gets us?
Who becomes our biggest supporter?

At heart we all want validation and Kara is great at doing this. Not in a feeding your ego kind of way but truly, genuinely, being interested in what you do.
I have worked with Kara 1:1 in her EFT packages and in her Spiritual Goddesses Mastermind.
Her energy is infectious. Since working with Kara I have blown through many blocks, gained clarity, and am tapping into abundance while leaving my scarcity mindset in the dust!

Jennifer MacDonald

I recently completed Kara’s EFT package and the results were fantastic!

I knew I was ready to take my business to the next level, but was feeling some blocks in manifesting the next step. Kara was so great to work with and she got right to the heart of the matter helping me to break through to a higher level.

I made progress so much faster working with Kara than doing EFT alone.
Sessions with here are a gift I give myself.
Allow Kara to take you to your next level. She is an expert with great insight and intuition.

Lori Ann Davis

Kara is an incredibly intuitive guide and luminescent spirit
She holds deep knowledge of both traditional psychology and esoteric topics such as astrology

Her guidance through cosmic shifts, EFT and Akashic Records has been life-changing for me in a short amount of time
I highly recommend joining Kara’s Goddess Sisterhood

Sarah Lynne Bowman

Since joining the Goddess Sisterhood I have learned so much about spirituality and shining my light in the world without fear.

 This is an amazing community of likeminded sisters growing into our unique Goddess energy.

Kara personalizes each call to meet our individual needs as she teaches about astrology, EFT, akashic records 
I am extremely proud and blessed to be part of such an amazing sisterhood

Donna Smith Brown

Joining the Goddess Membership site has helped me find my light within and not be afraid to let it shine .

This group has opened my world to an incredible tribe of women who provide endless support and friendship. 

Kara combines Astrology, EFT and Akashic Record teachings all while personalizing calls to our individual needs. I am truly blessed to be part of this amazing community

Alicia Blanyar

Kara’s Akashic sessions are incredible!

After the session I felt changed as a person and so grateful for what I went through in my life to lead me to this point.

I feel as though our session showed me who I am beyond my mental illness and it has been incredibly healing. By accessing my akashic records she was able to tap into my future goals and dreams and truly made me believe that they were possible. She helped me to believe in myself and my future.

Thanks Kara!

Sarah Wallace

Kara, did my astrological reading and it was amazing! 

I’m an avid believer in the stars hold the truths and religiously read my horoscope but had never had a chart done. 

Kara, provided details that helped me better align to my own feelings, decisions, and reasons that lead me to the paths I follow. 

I highly recommend working with Kara on many levels.  She is kind, patient and intuitive.  Her passion clearly reflects in the information she shares and how she goes about it.

Thanks again, Kara! 

Nicole Carver

Kara’s astrology reading was one of the most eye opening investments I’ve made!

Having this reading done gave me a much better idea of not only who I am, but also gave me new perspectives on how I tend to view the world. It was so spot on and accurate that I kept smiling the entire time! I feel much more aligned and validated in my life and business and it’s something I now reference often.

It’s such a fun and illuminating experience. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to know more about their sign and birth chart. It gave me such a greater understanding all around.


Sarah Steckler

Even though I have always been skeptical when it comes to horoscopes and zodiac signs, I asked Kara to do my birth chart.
She blew me away because she was so spot on! I enjoyed having my chart read and I learned a lot if interesting things. 

<p>I highly recommend getting your birth chart done by Kara. She is so sweet, nice and down to earth. 

Ann Johannesen

Kara Looks at your natal chart as if she’s looking into your soul! 

While this is not the first time getting an Astrology reading, it is the first time that someone went into depth into the details. 

Kara also gave natal charts to my husband and daughter and spent time with me on a video call explaining how we can grow together as a family. 

Her validations are sincere and thoughtful and Kara’s bright energy and desire to help others shines through.

I highly recommend Kara and her work!

Ashley Ann

Kara came into my life at the perfect time. I had been looking for some guidance from the universe about the next steps with me and my twin flame, and had asked for someone to be sent my way that could help.

All of a sudden Kara kept popping up everywhere on my feed. So I took it as a sign to reach out! Never thought it would be an Akashic records and Astrology reading…but I am SO glad it was, especially with Kara performing it! 

She was able to help me access information and clarity that I really struggled receiving from my Angels,. Kara helped me shift blocks and gave me such a huge reassurance that I wasn’t getting from card readings alone.

Kara isn’t afraid to say the messages she’s getting.

I am so so grateful Kara, thank you SO MUCH for being that channel and helping me hear what the universe was so desperately trying to tell me. 

You have such a comforting grace and elegance about you as you enter the Akashic Records and explain/share what’s happening with someone who’d NEVER heard of the records! To have been able to access that and feel/see what I saw was unreal.

I feel so blessed to have gone through that experience, and a month down the line everything is still proving true and the info we received in the reading is still helping as things grow and progress.

Kara, you are incredible!!! Thank you!! Xoxo

Alice Heath

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