Digital Courses

Digital Courses

Astrology Program ~ Explore Your Divine Blueprint

Explore Your Divine Blueprint is a digital astrology course that will help you unlock your cosmic code by studying your unique Birth Chart. 

Your Birth Chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time you were born.

It holds your unique energy signature, personality, and life path.

I’m talking much deeper than your zodiac sign.

In addition to your Sun Sign (aka zodiac sign) you have a Moon, Rising, and planets in different Houses and Signs of the zodiac.

As you decode your Birth Chart you start to gain deeper clarity on your soul mission, soul gifts, and unique manifesting powers.

Learning to unlock your unique cosmic code {aka your Birth Chart}, will guide you in unleashing your unique soul magic and stepping into more WEALTH, FREEDOM & ABUNDANCE!

Soulful Goddess ~ Release Energetic Blocks,
Awaken Your Attraction Powers

Soulful Goddess will guide you in releasing blocks and energetic resistance so you can connect more deeply to your soul’s work (receive abundantly for it), and step into more joy, freedom and prosperity.

 It’s time to let go of those old stories and beliefs that are no longer serving your life path, and connect back to your truth. 

You’re here for a reason. 

You get to create a soul aligned life. 

To create the positive influence you desire to make. 

To unleash your unique Goddess energy & discover your full attraction powers as you harness your Divine Feminine Magic. 

The time is now. 

Step up and claim it Goddess!