Cosmic Activation

The Cosmic Activation

High level activations for the woman ready to elevate her manifesting, master her energy & step into her highest potential 

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who wants to reach more soulmate clients with your message and services?

Do you desire to step into new levels of abundance, freedom, and joy? 

To uplevel your consciousness so you’re creating in the field of infinite possibilities and potential, leaving behind lack mentality? 

This Cosmic Activation is for lightworkers, healers, and soulpreneurs ready to activate their full potential, receive abundantly for their soul’s work in the world, and elevate their manifesting by working with cosmic intelligence.

✨ What is a Cosmic Activation? ✨


A Cosmic Activation is an energy recalibration that takes place in the Akashic Records ~ the realm of infinite possibilities that contains your unique journey of the soul, and access to your divine soul blueprint. 

Old dense energies and programming are released, and you are guided to step into your full potential as you work alongside your Higher Self and Cosmic Support Team. 

A Cosmic Activation also involves Astrological work. 

You will be working closely with your Birth Chart {aka your Divine Blueprint} as well as your progressed chart and transits. 

I’ll be there to guide you each step of the way in knowing how to channel this astrological guidance to fully align to your next level of wealth,  health, freedom, and joy! 

What to expect from our time together...

✨  Master your energy so you raise the vibration of any space you enter, instead of absorbing other people’s energy. What I like to call a “Frequency Keeper”. 

As you master your energy you also become a powerful attractor! Able to magnetize the experiences you desire. 

✨ Up-level your manifesting  by shifting from lack mentality to seeing opportunity everywhere! 

{shift from 3D to 5D consciousness}.

✨ Unlock new codes of prosperity, pleasure, & freedom 

✨ Discover how to work in alignment with your unique Astrology {which is your Divine Blueprint} to fulfill your soul mission & step into your highest potential. 

✨ Releasing trauma from the body and energy field. 

This will naturally release resistance and raise your vibration bringing more joy, abundance and freedom into your life. 

✨ Awaken your psychic and intuitive powers. 

When you activate your innate intuitive gifts decision making becomes easier. Clarity sets in. 

✨ Quantum leap into your dream life. 

You will learn how to create quantum shifts by working in the space of the Akasha. 

I signed up to work 1:1 with Kara in her Mentoring Program. What incredible sessions! Kara holds energy around your projects that can be felt. I was able to launch a program that I’ve been wanting to birth for more than a year. As a result of just 5 coaching sessions I was able to complete the development of my 5 week program, beta test it, and I was able to earn double the fee I paid her in just 1 week of launching my program. I highly recommend working with Kara Melendy, you won’t be disappointed and you will only prosper toward your goals.
Robyn Mcclendon
Artist, Teacher, Life Coach
Kara helped me clear my blocks, get clear on my vision, and trust that my dream clients will come to me. Since working with Kara I have tripled revenue in my business, attracted amazing clients, changed girls lives, and got clear on where my business should go And that vision is bigger than I ever thought it would be. Invest in yourself and your business. You will learn more about yourself and attract a life you love.
Stephanie Lebonte
Founder of Empowered Girls Rise

Who is this for?

  • Spiritual entrepreneurs who desire deep clarity on their messages & offers 
  • Woman who prioritize spiritual development and want to unlock new psychic gifts & explore new levels of consciousness. 
  • Reiki Masters & Energy healers who want to release old dense energies, and stay high vibe & connected to their spiritual gifts. Activating new codes of healing to share with the world. 
  • Intuitive & heart-centred coaches who want to remain an open channel for the wisdom and knowledge they’re here to share with the world. 
  • Lightworkers ready to step more deeply into their soul purpose & receive abundantly for their work in the world 

Your Experience...

This is a 1:1 mentorship where you will be guided to release stuck dense energies {on a deep cellular level} and raise your energy field to align to your Higher Self ~ where you become magnetic to your desired life. 

This Cosmic Activation can be personalized to meet your needs. Whether the focus is on money, relationships, business expansion, health. We can focus our time together in the area that will be of highest service to you. 

There is a combination of work with your unique Astrology and in the space of the Akashic Records. 

  • Activate your psychic and intuitive gifts
  • Energetically align to the experiences you desire 
  • Encode new frequencies of wealth, health, and abundance on all levels 
  • Deepen your connection to the Divine, your Higher Self & Cosmic Team and elevate your manifesting powers by entering a beautiful co-creative dance with each. 

Session 1 : Akashic Clearing & Activation

You will be guided through a powerful process that will open your personal Akashic Records. 

In this space you will be guided through deep level clearing, healings and activations. 

  • Personalized clearing of any fear based programming that is sabotaging success and not in alignment with your Higher Self and Soul’s truth.  
  • Exploration of any area of life where you’re desiring deeper clarity and Divine guidance. 
  • Activating lightcodes that will raise your frequency increasing energy levels, manifesting powers, and feelings of joy and abundance! 
  • Channeled guidance from your Records that will support you in more fully aligning to your life path and soul purpose 
  • Divinely guided plan {downloaded from the Akashic Records} that will support you in manifesting your intentions and current goals. 

Session 2: Exploration of your Divine Soul Blueprint {exploring your unique astrology}

You came into this life with specific lessons to learn, patterns to release, and innate gifts and strengths to help guide you. 

It’s time to tap into this wisdom so you can awaken your full creative Power. 

Your Birth Chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time you were born and has valuable information to support your life journey. 

  • Explore your unique Birth Chart more deeply connecting to your soul path, spiritual gifts, innate intuitive abilities, and special gifts and talents 
  • Explore current cosmic transits and how they’re influencing your Birth Chart so you step more deeply into the power of co-creation. 
  • A look at current life lessons you’re being initiated into and themes that are in focus for you at this time. 
  • Divine guidance on channeling the energy in your Birth Chart to easily manifest your soul goals. 

Session 3: Stabilizing at this new high vibe, magnetic frequency!

Learning to stabilize in this new energy frequency will be the key to long-term success. 

The focus of this session is attuning your energy field to these new levels of consciousness, and anchoring them into your body so your nervous system feels safe in this new paradigm. 

  • Becoming a frequency keeper where you determine the energy of any space you step into, instead of being a sponge 
  • Using your intuitive gifts as guidance on your path, and clarity on next steps
  • Akashic exploration to clear any old energies and belief programming that is not in alignment with your new path and supportive of your goals. 
  • Chakra balancing and energy attunement 

BONUS {2 month} access to the Goddess Sisterhood VIP Group

Too support these high level activations and the work we’ll be doing together 1:1,  you will also receive 2 month access to the Goddess Sisterhood VIP Group where there will be ongoing support in working with Astrology & the Akashic Records to manifest your soul aligned dream life. 

Some of the units you have access to in the Sisterhood include:

  • Akashic Record Meditations
  • EFT Tapping clearing & activations 
  • Chakra work in the Akashic Records
  • Quantum Manifestation System
  • Goddess Embodied: Awakening to Your Divine Feminine Magneticism. 

You also receive access too..

  • New & full Moon Rituals 
  • Monthly group Zoom calls with energy clearings and activations tailored to the group needs and desires. 
Kara’s readings and workshops are incredibly nourishing and supportive. An hour with Kara is like a hug for your soul; you feel so loved thanks to the care that she brings into her work. Ever since my reading with Kara (and the incredible live class ), I have found that I am feeling more confident, clear, and grounded about my purpose/mission. I feel more clear than ever before on how I want to serve through my spiritual business. Kara is such a powerful guide and an insightful channel. I recommend hiring Kara, especially if you want to learn more about yourself through the lens of astrology. Kara is so helpful when you are trying to find your way/place in this massive universe. Thank you, Kara for helping me to understand myself on a deeper level while also preparing to make the most of the year ahead. I truly feel like a rising goddess.
Quinn Downie Cirku
Intuitive Guide & Soul Success Coach
When I first found Kara I had no idea what the Akashic records were, let alone did I realize what a game changer they would be. I joined Kara's Goddess Sisterhood and immediately felt this amazing high vibe energy. From there I enrolled in her 6 week One-On-One intensive mentoring program. I was determined to finish off 2019 with a bang...and boy did I ever! I closed December being 20%  over in my business compared to where I was December 2018.  I began to understand what "infinitive possibilities" truly meant. Between accessing my Akashic Records and learning about my birth chart, I now feel that I have a leg-up on truly manifesting my best life. I saw so much progress in just 6 weeks of working with Kara (both in my physical and spiritual world) that I enrolled in another 6 weeks of her program so I can be certain 2020 will be my best year yet! I now open my Akashic records every day. It has become a part of my daily routine.
Megan Furstoss
Founder of Precision Sports Performance

Ready to master your energy, work with your Divine soul blueprint, and awaken your Divine magnetism? 

Quantum leaps, healing, clarity are the norm when working in the space of the Akashic Records, and learning to harness the power of your unique Astrology. 

Are you ready to experience the magic? 

I look forward to supporting you on this life changing journey.

Sacred Exchange: $1,333

Payment Plan: 2 payments of $711

Payment Plan: 3 payments of $500

If you have specific questions or are guided to learn more about how the Cosmic Activation can support your  life journey at this time, book a complimentary goddess chat below. 

Meet Your Cosmic Guide

Master Astrologer, Akashic Records Practitioner, Spiritpreneur. Kara Melendy is on a mission to guide women in awakening to their Divine power and co-creating magic with the universe.

She loves to combine spiritual practices with some of her favorite psychological techniques she learned from her work as a registered psychotherapist. 

She has helped thousands of women confidently step into their soul calling, and receive abundantly for their work in the world. 

She draws on a unique combination of Astrology, Energy Practices, Akashic Records, and Manifestation secrets to help her clients create a large impact in the world, while magnetizing  financial abundance.

She is on a mission to raise the vibration of the planet by spreading love and light.