Explore Your Divine Blueprint with the Power of Astrology

Welcome Goddess (and fellow Astrology lover)

You came into this life with a Divine Blueprint, unique soul gifts, intuitive powers, and strengths you have mastered from past lifetimes that are here to guide you and support your life journey. 

You have a unique energy signature.

You come fully equipped  to face any challenges that come your way, and like the phoenix rise from the ashes. 

When you connect with the power of this Divine Soul Blueprint, your life shifts in amazing ways. 

Manifestation becomes natural, easy and fun. 

Relationships improve 

Confidence increases

Clarity sets in

And you just feel more in alignment with your soul (which is everything!) 

Don’t you think it’s time to unlock this power?

Astrology and Your Birth Chart

Your Birth Chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time you were born.

It holds your unique energy signature, personality, and life path.

I’m talking much deeper than your zodiac sign.

In addition to your Sun Sign (aka zodiac sign) you have a Moon, Rising, and planets in different Houses and Signs of the zodiac.

These energies are archetypes that we all relate to on a very deep level.

You have each of the 12 signs of the zodiac in your Birth Chart.

Some of the signs (and energies) being more prominent than others.

Understanding how this all plays out is where the magic begins to unfold.

You start to gain deeper clarity on your soul mission, soul gifts, and unique manifesting powers.

Learning how to work with this energy means stepping into more WEALTH, FREEDOM & ABUNDANCE!

Goddess Archetypes & Astrology

The Goddess energy is expressed in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac in different, beautiful ways. 

Your Birth Chart contains a unique expression of the Goddess energy that you chose to embody this lifetime.

Connecting to the Goddess Archetypes in your chart provides insight to your soul’s path, your unique intuitive gifts and spiritual powers. 

It guides you in connecting to your soul purpose, and confidence in manifesting your goals. 

A powerful way to explore how the Divine Feminine energy is uniquely expressed through you. 

I am part of Kara’s Goddess Sisterhood and find the lessons, wisdom and love from that circle invaluable, so imagine my excitement when Explore Your Divine Soul Blueprint popped up. I jumped straight on board. At the beginning of this course I had a pretty good base understanding of astrology. I love that this course allowed me to build on my astrological understanding from the perspective of my very own birth chart. So many a-ha moments, so much understanding of myself and the" whys" and "hows" of my patterns and behaviours. I can't wait to continue using these tools to create a beautiful, abundant life. If you are interested in astrology and making positive changes, I suggest jumping on board 🌟
Ali Mitchell

Ready to connect to your Divine Soul Blueprint?

Ready to unlock the key to your success, happiness, wealth?

It’s in your Birth Chart Goddess. 

It’s your Divine Blueprint as you came into this physical body. 

You come fully equipped to manifest all your soul desires. 

You have what you need to create harmonious relationships. 

Wealth and prosperity. 

It’s all within you. 

I know you already know this. 

And this program is going to show you how to unlock these gifts and use them to manifest a life that lights up your soul. 

That’s exactly what you came here to do.  


Who is this for?

  • Visionary Light Workers who desire a deeper understanding of how to use their unique soul gifts to create a large impact in the world 
  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs who want to unlock their unique manifesting powers to create expansion in their business 
  • Astrology lovers who want to learn more about their unique Birth Chart and how to work with this energy to easily manifest their goals 
  • Woman craving a deeper connection with their inner Goddess 
  • Those who are tired of trying different techniques and strategies to get ahead and achieve their goals, and are ready to come back to what they have always known in their heart to be true…

The answers are within.

I come fully equipped and capable of manifesting a life that lights up my soul. 

I have unique intuitive powers and when I work with them I have clarity on the steps I need to take and the decisions that are in my highest and best good. 

What to Expect...

  • Incredible inner transformations while having a ton of fun learning about your unique Astrology. 
  • How to manifest by working with YOUR unique Divine  Blueprint.
  • Deeper understanding of the Goddess Archetypes & energy and how it relates to Astrology.
  • The guiding Goddess Archetypes in your Birth Chart, and what this says about your unique soul journey and life path. 
  • Your unique manifesting powers
  • Your unique intuitive gifts
  • More clarity on your life path
  • Deeper appreciation for yourself and your journey 
  • Knowing how to easily manifest your goals by working in harmony with your soul blueprint 
Explore Your Divine Blueprint offered so much more than I could have anticipated. Kara has an extensive knowledge of astrology and truly leaves no question unanswered. I feel so well educated and equipped with what I need to read and understand my own and others’ birth charts. The power of this information really took hold when putting it in the context of myself and people in my life. It’s amazing how well astrology aligns with how we show up in the world! I’m so grateful to Kara for offering her time and knowledge so we can better understand ourselves and each other.
Laura Knapp Mazzotta
Explore Your Divine Blueprint gave me an up-close look at my personal birth chart and helped me learn how to actually read a chart. Kara gave a lot of great guidance - not just in understanding meanings in my chart, but how to interpret it on my own. I feel I could interpret my close family members charts with what I've learned. Kara is an excellent and patient teacher and guide. I also really appreciate all of the handouts she provided - they give me something to reference back to. I recommend this course for people who want to delve deeper into reading their own birth chart!
Jeri Tuck


This is a Digital Course.

It contains 6 powerful modules to help you read your Birth Chart + understand how to work with the energy in your chart.  

It also includes bonus handouts and meditations! 


Module 1 ~ Exploring the Elements in Your Birth Chart

Uncover your unique manifesting style! ​

Each sign of the zodiac falls under the category of Fire, Water, Earth or Air.

You have a unique combination of elements in your chart.

Perhaps a balance of each, but more likely 2 are dominant (and at least one is under represented).

The elements hold the key for understanding your unique style of manifesting.

A guide to improving relationships by better understanding those around you (and how their approach to life may differ from yours).

The elements in your chart point to the unique way you see the world.

In this module you will learn about the unique elements in your chart and how to work with this energy. 

Module 2 ~ How to Read Birth Charts

Real life examples of Birth charts!

Real life examples of Birth Charts from those who took this program live with me. 

You will learn what to focus on in your Birth Chart and what it means about your unique journey of the soul and manifesting gifts. 

Module 3 ~ Explore the Modalities in Your Birth Chart

Your Innate Strengths & Inner Magic​

Less well known (but equally as important as the elements) are the Modes or Modalities in Astrology.

Each sign of the zodiac falls under the category of Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable.

Your unique combination reveals your way of navigating the world, innate strengths and talents, weaknesses, and how to best harness your energy to easily manifest a life that lights up your soul.

The key to your unique spiritual gifts and talents can be shown through a  deeper understanding of the Modes in your Birth Chart.

Module 4 ~ Connecting with Chiron the Wounded Healer

Turn your pain into purpose

Chiron shows where you carry pain from early life experiences and past lifetimes. 

It is meant to be transformed into your greatest gift and teaching ability. 

In this module you will uncover your Chiron placement and receive guidance on how this connects to your journey of the soul, and life path. 

Module 5 ~ Integration Week

Ensuring you're applying all the magic in your unique Birth Chart

Integrate the material learned so far, and ensure you’re working with it to manifest your goals!

Ask me questions in the private community. I’m here to support you! 

Module 6 ~ North & South Node

Exploring Past Lifetimes & Soul Purpose​

The North Node is the direction your soul is called this lifetime; your life path. 

The South Node is where your soul has been. It reveals unique gifts and talents that you have brought into their lifetime. 

These are the karmic indicators in your Birth Chart. 

A powerful way to more deeply connect to your soul blueprint and journey. 


Guided meditation to unlock your soul gifts and connect to your life path. 

Handouts to help you understand your unique Birth Chart (Divine Energy Signature)

Guidance on the ruling Goddess Archetypes in your Birth Chart 

It’s time to fully embrace your Goddess Power

To leave the struggle and confusion behind and find clarity, ease,  joy and flow as you create a life that lights up your soul. 

It’s time to understand your unique intuitive and soul gifts and how you can work with them on your life journey. 

It’s time to step up and embrace all of who you are from a space of deep self-love and appreciation. 

Join me to Explore Your Divine Blueprint with The Power of Astrology

**As soon as you signup you have immediate access to content**

Sacred Exchange


As soon as you signup you will receive access to the program. 

You can dive in and begin learning about your unique soul blueprint right away. 

Investment: $333

Prepare yourself for an amazing journey

Reconnecting to the wisdom of your soul. 

unleashing your unique creative powers. 

Deepening your connection to the Goddess. 

Awakening your intuitive gifts. 

Discovering the power of Astrology. 

Going into the depths of your Divine Blueprint to fully unleash your Goddess spirit and co-create magic with the universe 


VIP Option

In addition to all course content you receive a private 60 minute session where we explore your Birth Chart together. 

Personalized guidance on working with the energy in your Birth Chart to easily manifest your goals.

A look at your current Astrology, and what is unfolding for you in the remainder of 2020. 

Guidance on working with this energy to manifest your goals, heal, and step into your full power and potential. 

Sacred Exchange: $444

I signed up to work with Kara in Explore Your Divine Blueprint and it was fantastic! It has helped me feel more spiritually connected in mind, body, and soul, and took my manifestation skills to a whole new level! Kara is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend working with her and taking this course if you love Astrology.
Kait Marie

Meet Your Guide


Master Astrologer, Akashic Records Guide, Goddess Mentor, Visionary Light Worker. 

Kara Melendy is passionate about helping you connect to your unique soul blueprint and harness that energy to create a life that lights up your soul! 

She guides empaths, visionaries, and spiritual entrepreneurs to claim their birthright to wealth, freedom, and prosperity (in all of its beautiful forms). 

over the past 6 years she has guided hundreds of women in Astrological readings, and helping them to gain a deeper appreciation of the unique Goddess energy they came into the world with.