Akashic Journeys for Spiritedpreneurs

Connect to the consciousness of your business ~ Receive abundantly for your soul's work

Do you have this deep inner knowing that there is a message the universe wants to deliver through you?

The feeling that your business is a unique consciousness with an energy of its own?

Well let me confirm Goddess that it is!

The more you connect to the consciousness of your business, the more you flow in this beautiful co-creative dance with the universe.

Your impact increases.

Your business expands.

You increase your financial abundance.

And you just feel more aligned to your soul purpose, which for us lightworkers is everything!

Connecting to the consciousness of your business allows you to confidently step up as a thought leader and spiritual messenger. 

To be  a channel for Divine intelligence and healing. 

Attract your soul tribe as clients who experience AMAZING results from your work together. 

Gain clarity on the message, programs, and services you’re being called to share with the world. 


When I began doing this work in the space of the Akashic Records my life & business changed in amazing ways...

💎 the name of my business changed from Koaching with Kara to Spiritual Goddesses, which feels so much more aligned!! 
Anyone remember the Koaching with Kara days?

💎 Within months I grew my fb group to 1,000 members

💎 I doubled my yearly income

💎 I felt so aligned and clear on my soul’s work and the programs and services I was here to offer

💎 I started attracting my soul tribe (and it feels amazing working with soulmate clients who just “get you” and who experience incredible transformations).

Are you ready to elevate your business and begin making the impact you know your soul is here to create in the world?

Akashic Journeys for Spiritedpreneurs will elevate how you show up in your business. 

It will give you a higher perspective on what your soul is here to do in the world and how this can be channeled through your business. 

It’s time to put an end to hiding and playing small, when you know your message is meant to be heard by thousands! 

It’s time to end the financial struggle, and remember that it is safe {and you deserve to} receive abundantly for your soul’s work in the world. 

I can't thank Kara enough for all of the guidance, the care, and the changes she has brought to my life. When I first found Kara, I knew I wanted more out of my life but I didn't know how to do it. She has helped me from our very first call! Her sessions gave me the confidence to take action despite the fear I had. She has the perfect combination of emotional intelligence and practical direction that helped me become clear on what I needed to do. Not only did her coaching help me take action on my dreams, but she also had programs like The Cosmic Goddess, and Explore Your Divine Soul Blueprint that gave me the tools to develop a deeper connection with myself. Even other people have commented on how much I have grown over the past year and how much I have accomplished. Kara, I thought that creating a path to my dreams would be hard but you showed me that it can be fun. I genuinely enjoy the process of creating a business and living my life! Because of your guidance and support, I am now a certified life coach who is using her skills to help others. Thank you for supporting me on my journey <3
Valencia Vargus
Certified Life Coach
I signed up to work 1:1 with Kara in her Goddess Mentoring Program. What incredible sessions! Kara holds energy around your projects that can be felt. I was able to launch a program that I’ve been wanting to birth for more than a year. As a result of just 5 coaching sessions I was able to complete the development of my 5 week program, beta test it, and I was able to earn double the fee I paid her in just 1 week of launching my program. I highly recommend working with Kara Melendy, you won’t be disappointed and you will only prosper toward your goals.
Robyn Mcclendon.
Artist, Teacher, Life Coach
Kara helped me clear my blocks, get clear on my vision, and trust that my dream clients will come to me. Since working with Kara I have tripled revenue in my business, attracted amazing clients, changed girls lives, and got clear on where my business should go And that vision is bigger than I ever thought it would be. Invest in yourself and your business. You will learn more about yourself and attract a life you love.
Stephanie LeBonte
Founder of Empowered Girls Rise

Who is this for?

Spiritual entrepreneurs  who are ready to elevate their business, reach more people with their message, and receive abundantly for their soul’s work in the world. 

If you have this deep knowing that there is a message, program, services that want to be expressed through you, it’s because it’s true! 

Akashic Journeys for the Spiritedpreneurs will guide you in connecting to the consciousness of your business so you can gain a deeper level of clarity on how you’re now being called to show up in your business. 

So you can become a divine channel for the message that wants to flow through you and reach the clients whose lives will change from your work. 

If you’re feeling the call to take your business to the next level attracting soulmate clients, feeling confident as a thought leader and spiritual messenger, this will be of service to you 🙏


This is a digital course that you will be able to work through at your own pace. 

You have life long access to all content so you can revisit at anytime and continue to experience incredible shifts in your business. 

There are a total of 5 modules AND BONUS content. 

Each module will include a video training as well as journal prompts and exercises to help you integrate and apply the divine downloads. 

This is very experiential in nature, so as part of the video trainings there will be energetic activations and clearings, and meditations in the space of the Records. 

** Immediate Access to All Modules When You Signup**


Module 1: Connecting to the Soul of Your Business

In the space of your Akashic Records you will be guided to connect to the soul of your business. 

Energetically feeling into this divine union and what you will create together! 

You will learn how to deepen this connection and work with this energy in the creation of your offers (programs, services, messaging). 

Module 2: Confidently owning your place as a Thought Leader & Spiritual Messenger

This module will guide you in releasing old energetic patterns, and fears {on a deep cellular level} that prevent you from confidently stepping up as a Thought Leader and Spiritual Messenger. 

You will learn ways to rise above the fear mind as you connect more deeply to your unique soul magic and divine wisdom. 


Module 3: Attracting Your Soultribe

When you’re connected to the consciousness of your business, calling in your soul tribe gets to feel fun and natural! 

There are special soul contracts with the people you’re meant to serve. 

In this module you will learn how to call in your soulmate clients, whose lives will be changed from your divine work. 

You will learn how to increase your following on social media platforms, reaching the people who are ready to be transformed by your message. 

Module 4: Receiving Abundantly for Your Soul’s Work in the World

This module will help you clear away any past life contracts around receiving money for your spiritual work. You will also be guided in clearing away any energetic patterns that keep you stuck in a scarcity or lack vibration. 

It’s time to allow more money to flow to you through your business! 

Module 5: Taking Inspired Action to create massive shifts in your business today!

This last module is designed to take you from forced action (which is exhausting and leads to burnout), to inspired aligned action, which natural flows when you’re divinely guided by your intuition, and connected to the soul of your business.

Inspired action feels like the next logical step and leads to incredible results in your life and business!

You step into a co-creative dance with the universe trusting you’re supported each step of the way, and knowing how to receive this divine guidance. 


So if you’ve done my programs before you know that I LOVE to give bonus content. 

And the bonus content is life altering on it’s own!!

So prepare for some incredible bonus material in addition to the 5 modules {listed above} and pre-work content. 

It’s all divinely designed and guided to support you in expanding your business and unleashing your soul’s magic 💖

Kara’s readings and workshops are incredibly nourishing and supportive. An hour with Kara is like a hug for your soul; you feel so loved thanks to the care that she brings into her work. Ever since my reading with Kara (and the incredible live class ), I have found that I am feeling more confident, clear, and grounded about my purpose/mission. I feel more clear than ever before on how I want to serve through my spiritual business. Kara is such a powerful guide and an insightful channel. I recommend hiring Kara or AT LEAST investing in one of her chart readings, especially if you want to learn more about yourself through the lens of astrology. Kara is so helpful when you are trying to find your way/place in this massive universe. Thank you, Kara for helping me to understand myself on a deeper level while also preparing to make the most of the year ahead. I truly feel like a rising goddess.
Quinn Downie Cirku
Intuitive Guide & Soul Success Coach
Helped me shift both my career and personal life! Working with Kara Melendy has been beyond rewarding in mind, body and spirit. Kara is a master at channeling the perfect words to reprogram my buried beliefs. Her knowledge of Astrology is one of the most helpful and powerful tools I have found. Kara holds powerful, sacred space for the highest level of transformation. Working with Kara has helped me shift both my career and personal life to their highest potential.
Emily Harrison
Founder & Director of Akashic Academy

Sacred Exchange


As soon as you join you receive access to all course content + bonuses 

Investment: $222

As a VIP you receive a 90 minute private intensive where I’ll dive deep into your business giving guidance on strategic changes you can make today to begin elevating your business and easily attracting soulmate clients. 

You’ll also receive a personalized energetic clearing of old programming creating resistance and blocking abundance in your business. 

As part of the VIP option you will also receive an energy activation to align you to the soul of your business, and the powerful Spiritual Messenger you came here to be. 

And of course you get full access to all course material! 

Sacred Exchange for VIP option is $333

Meet Your Spiritual Teacher & Guide

Spiritual Entrepreneur, Mentor to Goddesspreneurs, Visionary Lightworker, Kara Melendy is on a mission to guide women in awakening their Goddess power and co-creating magic with the universe.

She draws on a unique combination of Astrology, EFT, Akashic Records, and Manifestation secrets to help her clients create a large impact in the world, while magnetizing  financial abundance.

She is passionate about helping women awaken their Goddess power and use Divine Feminine Energy to create massive shifts in their business. 

Kara has a Master’s in Psychology, is a Professional Astrologer, and is certified in the Akashic Records. She has a thriving spiritual business and is a on a mission to help more big-hearted women earn abundantly for their soul’s work in the world. 

We need your unique gifts and talents in the world, and your soul mate tribe is waiting for you to step up!