Akashic Journeys ~ Anxious to Zen Goddess

It's time to heal your anxiety and make Zen your new norm!

Journey through the Akashic Records to change the way you view anxiety, releasing it on a deep cellular level, raising your vibration, and making Zen your new norm. 

Anxiety becomes a pattern in your body. 

Then your mind goes to work looking for things to be anxious about. 

To shift this pattern takes more than positive thinking; trying to challenge, or change certain thoughts. It takes more than attempting to not  dwell on certain thoughts and memories.

**It requires shifting the programming of anxiety in your body and energy field. **

In this course you will learn how to do this in the expansive, healing space of the Akashic Records! 

To make zen vibes your new norm. 

In all situations, at all times! 

When you do this, everything shifts for you! 

  • Creativity begins to flow. 
  • Clarity sets in.
  • Your business thrives. 
  • Relationships become more harmonious. 
  • You are able to think clearly and make decisions that are in your highest and best good

Anxiety takes up a lot of mental space and energy. 

When you free up that energy,  it can be channeled in more positive directions in your life. 

Healing Anxiety

As a highly sensitive, intuitive child anxiety was something I struggled with. 

Being diagnosed at a young age, following physical symptoms of a racing heart and dizziness. 

They were super scary for an 8 year old to deal with. 

I even hid this from my family for years. 

Dealing with these symptoms alone was not helpful and very scary. 

When I finally did see a doctor I quickly realized medication wasn’t going to be the right path for me, and explored alternative, natural treatments of exercise and meditation. 

Both did help a lot! 

But didn’t heal the anxiety. 

As I got older I went on to receive a masters in psychology and become a registered psychotherapist who focused on anxiety. 

Treatments of Cognitive Therapy & Mindfulness further helped these feelings. 

But they were not healed. 

CUE my Akashic Records Exploration...

Being introduced to the healing, expansive space of the Records shifted everything for me. 

In all areas of my life. 

Anxiety being one. 

The Akashic Records contains wisdom of your journey of the soul. 

It’s an energetic realm that connects you to collective consciousness. 

The mind of God. 

Your angels, guides, Higher Self, loved ones, and ascended masters. 

So basically, there’s a lot of quantum expansion, healing, and wisdom that is downloaded by simply accessing this space. 

You rise above the fear mind and connect into who you are on a soul level. 

This is a space where reprogramming occurs. 

Reprogramming your energy around anxiety is the key to healing it. 


Calling in High Vibe Emotions...

Once you release anxiety programming on a deep cellular level, you want to learn to embody high vibe emotions. 

Feeling safe in the energy of joy & prosperity. 

Making Zen your new norm. 

Often we self-sabotage when things are going to well because we have this fear that it can’t last. 

Or something bad is going to happen that will shift us from our blissful state. 

Essentially, there is a part of us that doesn’t feel safe in these high vibe frequencies. 

Learning to make ZEN your new NORM, means acclimating to these feel good energies and making them your new programming. 

Both will be done in Akashic Journeys to shift from Anxious to Zen Goddess. 


Module 1: Shifting the Energetic Pattern of Anxiety

In this module you will journey through the Akasha to release the pattern of anxiety on a deep, cellular level. 

This will also involve healing the pattern of anxiety from your ancestral lineage. 

In the expansive, healing space of the Akashic Records, you will be able to meet your anxiety and what it is trying to convey to you. 

From there, it will be time to release this pattern. 

Module 2: Working with your Energetic Field/Energetic Boundaries

My educated guess is that you’re a highly sensitive lightworker who naturally picks up on the energy of other people and environments. 

You are holding on to fear and anxiety that is not even yours. 

In this module you will learn how to work with your energetic field so you become a frequency keeper. 

No more taking on low vibe emotions. 

It’s time to raise the vibe of any room you walk into! 

Module 3: Integrating Mind, Body & Spirit into a Zen State

Anxiety is a very physical experience. 

Racing heart.

Racing thoughts.

Shallow breathing. 

It influences our mental wellbeing making it hard to focus and think clearly, and access creative resources. 

We then feel down because so much low vibe energy is taking up space. 

This module is about connecting the mind, body, and spirit into a feel good Zen state and learning how to access this space whenever you desire. 

Module 4: Embodying Joy & Pleasure

By now you will have released the pattern of anxiety. 

Have new insights on integrating your mind, body, and spirit into the zen state. 

Have the ability to work with your energy field to become a frequency keeper. 

So now it just makes sense that Joy & Pleasure are invited into your space and emotions you get to enjoy often! 

This module is about embodying high vibe emotions and making them your new programming. 

Bonus Videos & Meditations

In addition to the 4 modules there will be bonus meditations and clearings that will support your journey of healing anxiety and embodying more joy and pleasure! 

BONUS Body Wisdom Video

BONUS Body Wisdom video. 

This will pave the way for our explorations together in the Akashic Records, and also teach you a powerful grounding exercise. 

Ready to Journey into the Akashic Records, Healing Anxiety, Making Zen your new Norm? 

This is a digital course meaning you have life long access to all modules, bonus content, and pre-work. 

You can also work through this course at your own pace. Taking your time to fully integrate each module, revisiting as often as you like. 


Join me in Akashic Journeys ~ Anxious to Zen Goddess

Sacred Exchange


You have the ability to stay grounded, calm, clear and focused in all situations in your life. 

So let’s heal fear & anxiety programming for good. 

**As soon as you join you get access to all course content**

Investment: $222

VIP Option

As a VIP you get full access to all course material as well as some very special perks! 

1 hour long private session. 

Healing & Releasing 

In this session I will explore your Akashic Records with you offering personalized healing & guidance, & clearings.

Ancestral line healing of the pattern of anxiety. 

Channeled personalized guidance from your Records. 

Guided Akashic Journey to reprogram your anxiety on a cellular level. 

Activating Joy & Prosperity 

You will also be guided through an activation that will recalibrate your energy to joy & prosperity 

Sacred Exchange for VIP : $333

Meet Your Spiritual Teacher & Akashic Guide

Spiritual Entrepreneur, Mentor to Goddesspreneurs, Visionary Lightworker, Kara Melendy is on a mission to guide women in awakening their Goddess power and co-creating magic with the universe.

She is a certified Akashic Mentor, Master Astrologer, and Registered Psychotherapist with a Masters in Psychology.

She draws on a unique combination of Astrology, EFT, Akashic Records, and Manifestation secrets to help her clients create a large impact in the world, while magnetizing  financial abundance.

 She has a thriving spiritual business and is a on a mission to help more big-hearted women feel joyful & prosperous in all areas of their life.