Akashic Activations for Soul Led Entrepreneurs

Accelerate Results, Amplify Impact, Tap into New Levels of Wealth! 

As a soul led entrepreneur a large part of your life purpose is expressed through your business. 

You came here to make a big impact in the world. 

To create a freedom lifestyle, doing what you love! 

To receive abundantly for your soul’s work. 

You come fully equipped to run a prosperous business, working with soulmate clients, while living the lifestyle that lights up your soul! 

If you’re setting for anything less, it’s time to change that. 

Or perhaps you’re just ready to take it to the next level. 

Stepping into more impact, abundance, ease and flow in your business. 

I have built a 6- figure business  on passion, purpose, and a desire to serve.

It  supports the freedom lifestyle that I crave!

And have always known I desired, since I was a kid. 

Working for someone else, never really worked out. 

I knew pretty early on I was here to pave my own path. 

I love helping other big hearted, soul driven entrepreneurs to do the same.

Working within the realm of the Akashic Records has been a large part of creating the business I have today, and I want to share the magic of this space with you. 

 I invite you to join me in the Akashic Activation for Soul Led Entrepreneurs to discover the transformative power accessing this sacred space can have on your life and business. 

Do you have this deep inner knowing that there is a message the universe wants to deliver through you?

The feeling that your business is a unique consciousness with an energy of its own?

Well let me confirm Goddess that it is!

Your business even has it’s own unique Records! 

The more you connect to the consciousness of your business, the more you flow in this beautiful co-creative dance with the universe.

Your impact increases.

Your business expands.

You increase your financial abundance.

And you just feel more aligned to your soul purpose, which for us lightworkers is everything!

Connecting to the consciousness of your business allows you to confidently step up as a thought leader and spiritual messenger you came here to be. 

To be  a channel for the wisdom, healing, and message that is meant to flow through you. 

You begin attracting your soul tribe as clients who experience AMAZING results from your work together. 

You gain clarity on the message, programs, and services you’re being called to share with the world. 

You grow your business to a place you only dreamed of

but always knew in your heart was destined. 

When I began doing this work in the space of the Akashic Records my life & business changed in amazing ways...

 💎 I doubled my yearly income {which recently happened again!!…talk about quantum expansion}

💎 I got an inspired download to open a FB group, was given the name of the group, and within months of opening it grew to 1,000 members

💎 I felt so aligned and clear on my soul’s work and the programs and services I was here to offer.

💎 I started attracting my soul tribe (and it feels amazing working with soulmate clients who just “get you” and who experience incredible transformations).

💎 For the first time in my business I felt like I was fully aligned with the message and soul work I was here to share with the world. 

💎 I began channeling offers for my program, and messages for my clients! 

Ready to accelerate your results, amplify your impact and increase your wealth?

The Akashic Activation will support you in taking your business to the next level. 

In connecting to the energetic blueprint of your business, and creating space for more soulmate clients, money, and impact! 

It will support you in fully standing in your power as a spiritual leader and putting an end to dreaming small, and playing small. 

It will help you rise above imposture syndrome,  and fully own your gifts and talents.

It will end the pattern of struggle and stress and introduce more ease and flow into your business. 

It will bring insights and divine downloads into the services and programs you are meant to share with the world. 

It will remind you of how  supported you are in creating your dream business that supports your dream lifestyle! 

It will help you tap into new levels of wealth, freedom, and fun in your life. 


Akashic Activations for Soul Led Entrepreneurs gives you access to 3 soul transforming videos {and corresponding journal prompts} that will transform the relationship you have with your business.  

You will be guided through a process of opening your Akashic Records and in this sacred space you will receive activations to  uplevel your business. 

Accelerating results, amplifying impact, and tapping into new levels of wealth. 

You will deepen your connection to the unique soul blueprint of your business. 

***As soon as you signup you’ll receive immediate access to all course content***

Ready to accelerate results, amplify your impact & tap into new levels of wealth? 

Join me in Akashic Activations for Soul Led Entrepreneurs! 

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Meet Your Guide

Visionary lightworker, Master Astrologer, Akashic Practitioner, spiritual biz owner!

Kara has supported thousands of women in manifesting their dream life and business by accessing  Cosmic Intelligence. 

She loves to combine spirituality and energy work, with practical strategies to help big-hearted, soul driven women to create six figure businesses. 

Passionate about welcoming in a new paradigm of business based on collaboration, pleasure, win-win situations, and feminine flow. 

She is on a mission to raise the vibration of the planet through spreading love & light. 

Are you ready to step into your full power and create the impact you came here to make in the world?

It’s time to rise into the highest possibilities for your life!